"Slap Shot" meets "A Season on the Brink" in this twisted tale of minor league hockey in the place with more pro teams than any place in North America: TEXAS!

Follow a gang of (mostly) Canadians as they wander from Lake Charles to El Paso, Waco to Monroe, Belton to Albuquerque, battling Mudbugs and Buzzards and Jackalopes, oh my! Marvel at how many times one bus can break down over the course of six months! Find out how one team can have two captains, two coaches and ten rookies. Smell the blood! Taste the beer! And look out for flying pucks!

Hockey today can be summed up in two words: "Go south!" The biggest boom in hockey has been at the lower levels of minor pro, and a large number of these teams are south of the Mason-Dixon line. Most of the players on these teams are Canadian.

Zamboni Rodeo follows the fortunes of one of these teams, the Austin Ice Bats, as they wander from Lake Charles to El Paso, Waco to Monroe, and Belton to Albuquerque, living on fast food and Gatorade, holding practices in deserted shopping malls and dealing with slushy ice in too-warm arenas, among other challenges.

Writer Jason Cohen joined the team in the locker room between periods, suffered through every bus ride and even spent a night in the penalty box as he came to know life in desert-style hockey.

From the first spark of the pre-game blowtorch to the last swig of post-game beer, Zamboni Rodeo offers an inside look at the game's quirks, personalities, and day-to-day routines. It is a world where people still play for the love of the game and fans can get themselves a conversation as well as an autograph, no charge.

Lively, irreverent, hilarious and poignant, Zamboni Rodeo will appeal to hockey fans and non-fans alike!

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