"Slap Shot" meets "A Season on the Brink" in this twisted tale of minor league hockey in the place with more pro teams than any place in North America: TEXAS!


Slushy ice and foggy arenas that still smell of last week's rodeo, hockey Texas-style has a flavour all its own.

Jason Cohen, a Philly expat and Flyers fan, covered the Austin Ice Bats of the Western Professional Hockey League for the Austin American Statesman. He knows his hockey but, more importantly, understands the dreams of the young and the not-so-young who play at this level

Success for them often means making it up to the International Hockey League, and an impossible dream is the NHL.

To his credit, Cohen treats these dreamers with the respect they deserve.

He has an eye for the true characters of the sport, and the talent to tell their stories with both humour and sensitivity.

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